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Letter: Stop the cover-up of the hospital scam with fake audits
Published on April 3, 2015 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Like we suspected and knew the art of the whitewash and the cover-up continues. First, this year the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) governor reluctantly allowed a review of the Financial Services Commission (FSC). That review came back with ‘approval’ because there was no real investigation to the weak mode of regulation and oversight the FSC provides the banking industry.

It allows one bank to lend monies for political campaigns, to effect bribes to former ministers and there was no investigation, even though all concerned fully knew. It allowed one bank to issue questionable mortgages but neither the FSC nor the governor did anything because the Governor’s Office, though not necessarily this governor, is controlled and micromanaged by the same people who control the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the Prime Minister David Cameron.

The FSC also permitted Belize Bank to change its name to British Caribbean Bank at a time when highly suspect fingers were and still are pointed at that bank. Lord Ashcroft saw to Cameron’s ascendancy as prime minister of Great Britain, handpicked William Hague to be Secretary for the FCO, handpicked Ric Todd to be governor of the TCI so that the FSC could handpicked with handmaidens like Kevin Higgins to do Ashcroft’s bidding and to leave Belize Bank, as it always will be, alone.

All of this was to take the investigative eyes off of Belize Bank, Leeward marina, Nikki Beach, Blue Haven, the hospital scams, Johnston International and Oxford Ventures.

The same is true when it comes to the hospital and the need for a real investigation and not another cover-up. It is understood that this report, as leaked, will give Inter-health Canada a clean bill of health. What a joke and a farce. The truth and integrity of the audit are questioned and its viability must be considered dead on arrival. This clinical audit is so weak and orchestrated so that none of its findings can be trusted.

The facts are there despite an audit that will attempt to tell the public that all is well. People are still dying at that hospital because of bad treatment, monies are paid to keep them quiet and nothing can be done. The leaked hospital contract showed that Oxford Ventures Company Ltd was an integral part of the ownership of the financing streams for the hospital but there can be no investigation by the special investigation and prosecution team (SIPT), AG’s Chambers or the police. All mouths are sealed.

So the real issue of just a mere 30 beds costing over a billion dollars remains. The inflated contract with Johnston International, for monies twice the real value, the construction company, also owned by Ashcroft’s company Oxford Ventures, remains in place and intact. After taking over $125 million for the contract they declare bankruptcy – a lie, a scam, a deliberate mistruth – right under the noses of the FSC, AG’s Chambers, the court, SIPT, and no one asks a question. How could this be when people who are supposed to ask certain questions are being paid so much to fight for the welfare of the people of the TCI?

Despite an audit, despite the skilful plays, the real deal is that there is a cover-up. Opposition cries for a real investigation continue to fall on deaf ears. TCI people are still paying twice. We are all paying 6% of our salary to NHIP. Through higher taxes the government takes monies from us all to pay over $5 million a month but nothing can ever be done to this sacred cow. It is protected by Aschcroft, who controls the FCO, the Governor’s Office, the FSC, the AG’s Chambers and the muzzling of the SIPT is ensured.

There are some facts that the FCO, AG’s Chambers, SIPT, asset recovery team, etc. all knew but are 100% quiet on all of them. The real price for the hospital contract was $68 million and not $125 million as published and already paid for. Yet Oxford Ventures guaranteed the facility. Yet when Oxford Ventures guaranteed the facility it was insolvent and bankrupt.

Leeward marina, Leeward development, all sold huge tracts of land without paying stamp duty. Yet there is no one who can “touch this”. Time has come to stop taking the TCI for a ride and the ripping off of its taxpayers. Let there be a real investigation into the hospital scam, its inflated $125 million contract, the hundreds of millions taken from the TCI treasury annually and the fact that there is no accountability at any level of government.

Time has come for real questions to be asked concerning Ashcroft’s role in all of this, the collusion of the Prime Minister’s Office and why nothing can seem to be done.

Thomas Wilson
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