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News from the Turks and Caicos Islands:

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New church established on Middle Caicos
Published on June 1, 2012 Email To Friend    Print Version

Tom Deckard, also known as the “Jewish Prophet”, is moving rapidly to establish a base of operations on Middle Caicos, the largest island of the Turks and Caicos. Deckard’s “Cradle of Hope” Ministry has already moved several families to the undeveloped island, where they have rented homes as they begin to acquire land and begin building phase one of their new development.

Reportedly Deckard’s ministry has already built 160 churches around the world. The cleric claims to have been born into the Jewish faith and advertises that he has predicted many events, the latest of which will be the steady decline of the USA, where he is a citizen.

Hailing from the northern Midwestern state of Illinois, Deckard is now re-establishing himself and his operation in what he calls a “third world country”, the TCI. The families already living on Middle Caicos are reported to keep to themselves, home schooling their children. They hold services in their homes and invite locals to their services but refrain from attending any local community or church activity.

Reportedly, they have acquired a building contractors licence and are currently bulldozing a site just east of Conch Bar, where they say they will build a church and three or four homes in their initial phase. The situation with regard to Planning Department or Board approval is unclear.

The ministry is reportedly seeking to purchase other land and has reportedly already acquired two parcels in the Blue Horizon Resort area. The parcels have appeared in local publications in official foreclosure notices by mortgage holder Meridian Mortgage Company of Provo. They have gone unsold at auction on at least two occasions. Now it appears the Deckard interests have acquired the property for a less than market price. The sale has reportedly been arranged by a Middle Caicos real estate agent Forbes, Forbes and Forbes, operated by Canadian Sara Kaufman.

Reportedly the group is seeking to acquire other sites from local owners. The group has been seen importing construction equipment, including a small excavator and dump truck, which are stored in Conch Bar along with shipping containers of household goods and building materials.

It is not known who will be employed to do the construction work. However, one local unlicensed contractor has been named as a possible intermediary.
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Gerald: just posted all the articles on Larry Dean Carls death and how it all comes back to Prophet Tom Deckard. Folks, if anyone else out there has news on this man, please SPEAK UP! No one wants their loved ones hurt by this man. think about all the children in this ministry without any choice.


here's another topix forum about the endtimes and prophet tom deckard's land scam.


To clarify last post: Google: "grass and grain magazine nov 11, 2008." It is a PDF file. Larry Dean Carls is on page 21. The grieving widow is on page 2 of the topix forum dated nov 4 2008. Goes by the name of GOD.


yes, you are correct. here's another article about a poor women who left one of prophet tom's quarterlies this year and ended up frozen to death. he never even stopped the service. no one even looked for here until much later.


This so-called prophet is leaving a string of dead bodies behind him. he is such a fanatic about fasting that people are fasting and endangering their health. Here's an old post from Nov 4, 2008 about a man named Larry Dean Carls. He was trying to "seek" God and fasted for 2 straight weeks. He died as a result. The news article is from a monthly mag. called: "Grass and Grain," November 2008 page 21. It's a PDF file so I can't link it. Here's a post from a grieving relative:


There is a new Yahoo Group for the victims of this cult: DeckardvsChrist. If we ban together we can pray and swap stories to better understand how to help our loved ones still in this cult.


Tom Deckard is pure evil. He has destroyed my family. Thru text book cult techniques he mind controls folks to get their money.

To the wives of the men in his church/synagog are demanded to be 100% submissive and allow their children to be beat ( As Tom proudly tells the "men" that this is their job as "dads"). And if the women disagree with them on anything, then they should leave their "jezabel wife".

Then at their Sukkot camping trip in the fall...Tom awards these big strong men that beat little kids & leave their wives a prestigious BRASS BALLS AWARD. And sit around hugging each other, and tell each other that they are great men and are meant to rule the earth not those "stupid women" as Tom calls us.

It that of GOD ??????????

Pure evil... get him & tax evading members off you island while you can. He will bring his evil to your front door!


This group is dangerous to families. Deckard is trying to claim that the earth ending because of the Mayan calendar. Well if you do the research the mayan calendar only ends because it is a circular calendar. It moves to a new ring of the calendar. Deckard claims that God told him that the Mayan calendar was accurate in its prediction. Well look at this and ask yourself why God would mislead Deckard. Maybe because Deckard isn't talking to God. He is working for the devil. I have spoken to his wife and she said you had to be in the ministry for at least 2 years to get knowledge of the island. Why? Seems they would want more people to know. Call her and ask 618-262-2810. She is very touchy so be nice and pretend to be interested. These people are evil.


Nobody can really understand until they have been there.. i had gone to a number of local meetings over the past 4 years, including two weekends when mr deckard screamed and chastised his followers, because my husband has been deeply involved, however, i refused to be involved. it was a very painful 4 years. my adult children are still deeply involved. fortunately, after four years, my husband stepped out from under that bizzare cult. the main reason -- he had to chose between "the cult" and his wife that he was unequally yoked to. i am so thankful that God grew me during this time, gave me strength and answered my prayers.

i had to leave my church because i had no support, but thankfully i found an incredible "salvation by Christ" believing church, with great leadership, who held us up in prayer before our incredible God.

here are the plain facts:
*FACT! mr. deckard is a false prophet.
*FACT! his "ministry" is a very dangerous cult.
*FACT! women and children are "lesser" persons and must be in total submission to the men.
*FACT! mr. deckard claims to have taken a vow of poverty, however, he and his wife drive cadillac escalades.
*FACT! mr. deckard does not pay taxes and encourages others to not pay their taxes either.
*FACT! mr. deckard claims to have been raised in an orthodox jewish home, however, his family is not jewish at all.
*FACT! mr. deckard claims to know hebrew, then he claims he doesn't know hebrew -- i don't think mr. deckard even knows what he knows...
*FACT! mr. deckard claims to have 33+ years in the prophetic ministry, but that isn't possible -- in 2000, his churches were disbanned following his confession of having mulitiple affairs, (including the affair with his current wife) and being decietful and lying to these congregations. it is only 2012.
*FACT! his followers are not allowed to listen to other speakers, read other materials, or talk to one another in between sessions regarding the messages -- this is to avoid the risk of someone questioning what he has "taught" them.
*FACT! mr deckard didn't employ a body guard to protect himself, but to protect others from himself!
*FACT! if you are under his leadership you are not allowed to check on him on the internet, so those who do are looking for something better.

there is so much information at this website, .

as far as the $5,000 for your piece of the island -- this just screams jim jones/waco, tx/CULT. i used to joke around and say, "whatever you do, DON'T drink the koolaid", now i am so saddened that it is truly more of a possibility all the time...

where are the answerws about the woman who died at his quarterly meetings in january... only a few individuals even knew what happened. ask anyone who was there, even today, they are not aware of the tragedy that happened in their own camp that weekend! their fearless leader didn't offer up an explanation or condolences to the family that was there and had left or requested of his followers to follow up and encourage the family who had just lost their loved one the first night of the meetings.

this is an evil man who calls himself a major prophet of god and passes his uncontrolled anger and tension off as honoring to a Holy God.


This man operates so-called "ministries" under many names and has established no churches, as "church" would commonly be defined. What his ministry calls "churches" are simply groups of followers who meet in one or more of the followers' homes. The "prophet" claims to be followed by a "cloud" that allows him to see the future and, conveniently, to distinguish those disloyal to the group, or "outsiders." He was not "born into the Jewish faith." His group claims to be Messianic Jews, though none are Jewish by birth. They are gentiles who claim to be Jews who have converted to Christianity but observe Jewish laws and holidays. Scientology is their closest "religious" model, in the way the group operates with regards to secrecy and finances, but without any claims to science. The group is a Jewish-themed end-times cult and nothing more.


This is a Jonestown cult. They tell people America is going to be destroyed and then to get their passports ready to leave to their island. Watch these links: minute 5:30 - 6:30 and minute 15:40 - 17:00

Israel Yehudi:
This man a deciever a fraud.see link: no major prophet!


Even more info on Prophet Tom Deckard:


All I hear is how righteous and upstanding this Major Prophet of God is and how he's been a man of God for 30-40 years or so. But if you search his name on this link, you will find out he is a fraud!

Type in his last name and see what comes up!


Here's yet another website on Deckard:


There is an actual book coming out exposing Deckard's cult and the lives that this man has ruined. The author needs actual stories to put in the book. For more information, visit yahoo groups, DeckardvsChrist.


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Barbara Cizek:

Are you sure this person is a real person?

I e-mailed him and he has not contacted me back.

I think he may be a fictional person and all the complaints about him do not even make sense.

Somebody somewhere is lying.

You guys are aware that the Daniel 7 beast with the Iron teeth is here now and all people talk about is fake and false teachers when they should always be wondering who is steering the boat.

This guy has never assaulted me and has never terrorized me and I have never met him.

I tend to only insult people who have hurt me personally or I know I real people.
Until He contacts me I will only assume he is fake persona created by the whore of Babylon and her pals...

It is funny other people like Mchyde have contacted me directed...

Why has not this person? I think it is because he is a decoy or a non real person created by the beast with the iron teeth...

Barbara Cizek:

One of the hallmarks of a gifted person is being persecuted.

If he is a Prophet or has gifts then people would be persecuting him all the time. I have family members whose bodies are being taken over by demons and other people just so they can get close to me and hurt me.

My mom is used by crazy people all time to bother me. They do it so it looks like even my family hates me and thinks I am crazy but they failed to understand I can see who is actually using her body.

Normal people cannot see the spirits inside people but we can....

Also, be have no memory of being taken over and the demons that use their bodies all have convenient amnesia and all are pathological liars so it can be hard to prove..

I tell people make sure you get everything in writing and if they will not put things in writing or send you letters then they have something to hide....

Beware of those who hide inside some people...


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