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Letter: We cannot let the TCI Sun set us up
Published on November 29, 2012 Email To Friend    Print Version

Fellow PDM supporters:

I have read with typical delight and nausea the desperate attempt by Hayden Boyce of the TCI Sun, the official PNP news and gossip rag, to destroy the PDM and its leadership. Reading the story I noted that there are significant and substantial holes in the story:

1. The Hon Leader did not say that “there would be no PDM government without Skippings”. That is a lie and a fabrication.

2. The Hon leader did not speak with the erstwhile editor Hayden Boyce but instead Vivian Tyson but the story is carried by Hayden Boyce.

But let us look at the background to all of this.

(a) It was Hayden Boyce who inserted in the Sun a vicious advertisement, paid for by himself, that those who in the PDM that sought the Commission of Enquiry in 2008 would be dealt with and the story carried a bull as a symbol of threat.

(b) It was Hayden Boyce who personally ran the ad in the Sun that the PDM was in need of a leader after the PDM Convention voted for the Hon Skippings by a 13 point margin in June of 2012.

(c) Hayden Boyce has an agenda and a reason to attack and divide the PDM because he has a wife who, as minister of education, diverted $16 million of public funds, our monies.

(d) She is a main target of the SIPT.

(e.) It is in the interest of the PNP and its operatives to divide and conquer.

(f) It has been widely reported that former writers such as David Hinds left the Sun because Hayden, as he in did in this case to Vivian Tyson, always changes the stories after they have been written and filed.

(g) The Hon leader cannot be faulted for talking to Vivian Tyson because Tyson, despite his association with the Sun, remains a reporter of integrity. I am sure that Tyson cannot remain at the Sun for too long and retain his integrity.

I am somewhat surprised that the PDM would make a decision to go after its leader when the source of a story in the Sun is taken as more credible than the incumbent leader. What will we do when the Hon Cartwright, the Hon Sean Astwood, the Hon Clarence Selver, Doug Parnell, the Hon Ashwood Forbes, etc, may be elected as our party leader and the Sun decides to lie on any of them? Do we take their word or do we listen to our party leader’s side of the story? If we in the PDM continue like we would have no security, no discipline and no control. The Sun is not a friend of any PDM.

The myth that the Hon Skippings is also proven to be a myth by the numbers alone. Throughout the campaign the PNP, the TCI Sun and certain other nameless operatives worked to suppress the votes for the Hon Skippings. Despite these desperate efforts by the PNP and the Sun, the Hon Skippings scored over 2,906 votes, something impossible for a man that we thought was too unpopular. Furthermore, under this leader we have seven seats, won the popular vote and, were it not for widespread cheating by the PNP, the PDM would have won. The worst thing the Hon Skippings did was to refuse Belize Bank campaign money because the PDM was fighting the hospital deal and that’s when the pressure mounted on him and the PDM campaign.

Strategy to lose:

(a) Certain operatives did go around saying vote for Taylor, etc. but do not vote for Skippings,

(b) The PNP caught on to this. We left the PNP to be dignified.

(c) Rufus Ewing: Rufus was caught red handed at the debates. Skippings made him just about admit that he had two banks in Jamaica but did any of us ram this down Rufus Ewing’s throat in the campaign? He was tied to the hospital scam but did we repeat these so voters would realize that Rufus Ewing is worse than Oswald Skippings?

(d) Washington Misick: He was allowed to remain dignified and getting away with over $2 million in unsecured loans as director of TCI bank. Did we in the PDM or those at the TCI Sun expose this during the campaign?

(e) Portia Stubbs Smith: It is said that she got fired. Did we harp on this? No, we allowed her to campaign on her MBAs and her bank manager’s position.

(f) Amanda Misick: Did we expose her incompetence as a minister and her tragic life.

(g) Akierra Missick: Did we expose her role for the PNP at the 2009 public hearings of the Commission of Enquiry?

(h) Royal Robinson: Did any of us or the TCI Sun expose his role in the hospital deal and his many other roles.

You see we allowed the culprits in the PNP stand tall while we allowed the PNP campaign, their supporters and the Sun to go after our leader and we are allowing it again. Either we want to be in government or we want the PNP to continue to undermine and mislead us.

Finally, do you think we can go to by-elections, divided and after a convention to attack our leader? Will our supporters, those who support this leader, stay home? Are we serious, emotional or hot-headed? Is this part of some other agenda? I say let us stand by our leader. If it is the Hon Skippings, the Hon Taylor, the Hon Cartwright or Astwood.

The PNP have “nothing” for leader. He has sold our people out. He has tied us to over $2.1 billion in debt and the Hon Skippings, for all of the of the faults we can throw at him, is a far better man and leader than Rufus Ewing can ever be. The Hon Skippings will stand by his people and he will defend them to the end. We can never say the same for the PNP or the TCI Sun.

Patti Forbes
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