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Letter: The lies and hatred of the TCI Post
Published on December 28, 2011 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

The TCI Post is a lying dishonest and dangerous troublemaking weblog. It is sending the message to the world that some people in the TCI, not a majority of the people in the TCI, are racist, hateful, spiteful, evil and silly. On December 25, Christmas Day, they led with a story on the British advisors coming and discussing gay issues, clearly without fact, truth, evidence or concern for the truthfulness of the statements.

By nature, TCI is an anti-gay nation but, during the years of Mike Misick, there was no real issue in the minds of the writers of the TCI Post when it came to the secret and not so secret lifestyle of certain members of the former PNP regime. This whole “gay thing” is a PNP “thing” -- just like “the British being here thing”.

When members of the former government and their rich friends allegedly raped the American woman, i.e. the time when she was not allowed to file a police report, it was largely known that she was the victim of a “gay orgy” at the premier’s residence. The difference then was that the monies from the Treasury of the TCI were being siphoned off to pay for this orgy, part of a series of alleged other orgies but the people writing for the TCI Post do not bring these things up. They will insist that this is in the “past”. Like it should.

However, there is every indication that members of the TCI Post are working hand in hand with former ministers of the PNP regime. The CSA is closely connected to the PNP regime; the TCI Post is the Civil Service Association’s mouthpiece. So they must all be reminded of their lies and dishonesty. Also, the CSA, the TCI Post, the PNP regime, certain writers for the Post, like Royal Robinson, the ignorant members of the public service who can’t spell that write for the TCI Post (the stupid people) must always be reminded of the lies they print in the TCI Post, the double standards, the dishonesty and utter stupidity of the words they utter.

These stupid people must always be reminded that they are the reason, the cause, the fact, the need for the British to be here, for the British to live in the TCI and to have to take over. This British issue and this gay issue is really a PNP issue, the leadership of CSA is also part of this British issue and why they are here in the TCI. One would say that the Post needs to stop. No they shouldn’t. They need to keep on with their lies and stupidity because it gives one a chance to “remind them”. They lie on the immigration advisor especially, when she is happily married. They lie on Susan Malcolm when she does what she can to help the CSA cause but because the CSA and the TCI Post are inspired by hatred and lies they manufacture stories on her.

The writers to the Post are convenient liars and must never be believed. The Post is less than entertaining and is really written by a silly group of frightened people that Helen Garlick has yet to go after in a few months. So their lies, frustration, double standards and hatred are reaching new levels of disgust.

David Forbes
Reads: 18464

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Edward E. Smith, PhD.:

Mr. Forbes,

I rise in defence of the TCI Post, in some degree!

With due respect for you, the TCI Post and others writers and readers, the above story/article is you opinion and your opinion alone.

I can attest to the fact that there are some "opiners" here who are not "stupid and not liars", so, to be fair, the word of "some" may give credience to your post.

The "gaying" thing, can, if reason, be hateful, and should be sensitize to UK-UN-HRights compliance.

The CSA is the association of "civil servants", our governmrnt paid employees, who are there to serve us. So be more kind to them.

As much as we will like to bash the "civil servants", they too, are employess/subordinates, and must follow "code", if only for their own job secuity, and compliant to best employment practices (we may disagree here, but it is real).

And why blame the TCI Post? At least we are getting a different view! If you find the TCI Post not to be you favourite/friend, there is a saying, that you must keep your friends close, but, keep your enemies closer. So indeed, the TCI Post does serve apurpose, and obvious, it is serving some purpose, because, it seems that you can not stop reading it.




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