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Letter: The House of Assembly vote places the people of the TCI head to head with the FCO
Published on February 9, 2013 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

The House of Assembly vote places the people of the TCI head to head with the powers of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (“FCO”) and brute force.

There is more than sufficient evidence to conclude that VAT is designed to destroy the TCI’s economy. The recent resolve of the parliament of the TCI to unanimously vote across party lines to denounce VAT is to be encouraged and has made the elected chamber more relevant in the TCI that it has ever been in recent times. This powerful vote cannot be regarded as ‘symbolic’ because it places the people of the TCI head to head with the powers of the FCO and toe to toe with those ‘powers’ behind the throne that seek to exploit our wealth and taxes.

The intellectual debate forming against VAT is a valid reaction to the invasion of constitutional force from the Governor’s office. Yet through this all a valid debate is forming. It is like we have been invaded and conquered “again” by the Romans, our country under siege and the conquerors for no valid reason have decided that we will pay for this conquest through higher taxes.

It is suggested that this conquest began well before the commission of enquiry, when the FCO tacitly and openly supported waste, theft and corruption while stating there was no evidence otherwise. Their support of the hospital deal and the $260 million aspect of this siege and taking of our taxes to pay for “this debt” mounted through the FCO condoning what was wrong. The new constitution gives them brute force in taking our monies to pay for these past and present misdeeds.

In all of this a pretext has been created for what they call a “steady and consistent supply of revenue” to pay for debt created by condoning and the blessing of all that was corrupt. The debate that has formed is valid and must continue. Yet there is no clearer clarion call for commonsense than the letter written by Jerzy Kolodziej in making the case that the planning for VAT and the disclosure of documents was half hearted and weak on the part of the chief financial officer (CFO).

“…. I would like to refer to the recent request for documents from the Appropriations Committee. The CFO refused to provide the documents in support of VAT. His claim was that they are confidential! Only after being informed that he could not lawfully conceal them, did he make a half hearted attempt and produced just two documents. These documents did not provide anything further than the reasoning that I have already mentioned. Those documents did state reliance on another report, the Roe Report 2010. However, the Roe report does not recommend VAT as the only option. It also suggests that the existing taxation system might be the best option. Hardly a definitive case. The Roe report did not evaluate the performance of VAT in the TCI. Clearly, no-one has! What is becoming certain is the arbitrary nature of the decision. A reckless and irrational decision that was taken by unelected officials on flimsy or non-existent evidence.” Courtesy of the

VAT will only destroy the TCI and further impair our ability to grow out of debt. It will discourage foreign investment and make the possibility of economic expansion far less. Ironically it is only through expanding our economy through greater investment incentives that will lead us out of this debt. Whilst no one wants to debate how we got into this debt and the causes such as the hospital deal, the only way we can get out of it is through seeking legal remedies to remove the hospital deal and resulting debt.

Today the government and opposition elected officials are to be congratulated but the CFO, the Governor and the FCO cannot be let off scot free. Their careers and ability to destroy small island developing countries through ill thought out schemes must end. The bungling of TCI tax reform should follow them wherever they go. They cannot be allowed to rely on introducing VAT and using that as a stepping stone to career advancement.

More than anything else, we are being lied to by the Governor, CFO and FCO. The only evidence they have on VAT is that it will surely kill TCI’s economy. Yet why do they insist and persist?

Mr Kolodziej states that: “Throughout this sorry affair the Governor and the CFO had been claiming that the justification for the decision were contained in these secret documents. Therefore the case for VAT has been predicated the most vulgar mistruths and dishonesty. To call this lie, this manipulation, this perversion of good governance, is wrong in your opinion. But if this matter were allowed to pass without contest what future is there? “

Mr CFO and Governor, you have taken it onto yourselves in the Constitution to do as you like. But is this a valid and legitimate exercise of these powers and as such simply to use them in brute force? I say no. In sum the vote by the TCI people, through their elected representatives, is a valid expression of “how we all feel” and it must be used as a tool to undermine the improper and invalid use of brute force in the TCI Constitution to make us all pay higher and for no valid reason.

The debate from the private sector, the Providenciales Chamber of Commerce, the TCI Business Council and the community all are in sync with this powerfully valid vote by the people of the TCI. We do not want VAT and it can destroy us. In sum this is the reality of the anti VAT debate.

Brianca Johnson
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Keith Burant:

There is not one valid economic reason to implement VAT in the TCI. The Governor, the CFO, the AG, the Vat implementaion team and FCO have deliberately attempted to deceive the people of the TCI about the impact of VAT on our economy. The same persons have also deceived the British parliament as well by stating this is a decision for the TCIG, when in fact the FCO are the ones making the decision to implement VAT. This has become abundantly clear when the elected representatives voted unanimously to repeal the implementation of VAT and the FCO has not adhered to the demcratically elected representatives of the people.


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