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Letter: So much to think about until Mike Misick comes home
Published on January 11, 2013 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Like many others out there, we wonder why, as of January 8, 2013, the Premier Rufus Ewing, the Governor, the Human Rights Commissioner Doreen Missick Quelch have yet to call on the international community and the international human rights oversight for some kind of “intervention” into this matter.

It is so ironic that a political opponent of Mike Misick, the Hon. Oswald O Skippings had to be the first prominent public figure to speak out and demand some redress into this issue. What is it that the political high command in the TCI has to hide and why are the PNP on the run and so defensive when it comes to their former leader Mike Misick? What is it that they have to hide?

It seems that after the elections all the PNP did was scramble for power, fight for higher salaries and did not do anything to confront this debt and cost of living issue that we all have to face.

On the wider dimension, something that can happen to any of us is happening to Mike Misick and the only cries as of today will be the Hon. O.O. Skippings and members of Misick’s family. It will be embarrassing that the Hon. Skippings’ intervention would have embarrassed them into action. Where is the natural reaction to look after thine own and to be thy brother’s keeper?

As a political organization, the PNP is revealing itself as an entity with a lot to hide and its selfish money grabbing side is nakedly out there. Do they want him back and do they want him home? Are they suffering from a forbidden moral weakness and are afraid to touch the truth? So much is coming out and there are even greater attempts to keep so much hidden.

I think that the Hon. Skippings deserves some praise and recognition for this statesmanlike position he has taken in the matter and has fully eclipsed all political boundaries to reach out to the aid of a fellow human being. Does the PNP want Mike Misick back home? What will he say? What and who will he expose? At issue is not whether he is innocent or not; moreso the truth, will he be allowed to take the stand and expose those who are behind all of this. All of this must include the Leeward debacle, the hospital deal and so many other issues that lead back to the Yellow Brick Road in London, the House of Lords and the FCO, the PNP past and former ministers, developers alike.

It’s a bit too late but the Hon. Dr Rufus Ewing, the Governor and the Human Rights Commissioner (the three of you) must intervene. Why do you three need to be pressured into this? Really now, Madam Human Rights Commissioner. What are you doing? Have you done anything? Please intervene, make a report and take a position. The standard set by the Hon. Skippings surpasses all personal, selfish and political ideals.

Maybe when all is said and done, Mike Misick is too much of a material witness to the dealings of investors and persons that deeply impacted the former government. We have huge debt that our people are repaying and someone else in London is collecting the proceeds of these higher taxes we are forced to pay. Finer financial and deeper details on the hospital deal remain closed and unaccounted for. It is threatening to cost our people something in the billions.

So quite clearly the silence is needed and some may pray and hope that he never returns home. This ultimate tragedy and betrayal on human rights is a damning and condemning testimonial against the three actors, Ewing, Damian Ric Todd and Doreen Misick Quelch.

On trial is the truth and getting at it. In closing, many wickedly interesting questions arise. Why are “they” so silent on the Mike issue, why is the PNP is defensive mode, why the attempt to cover and why the sounds of silence? Do we suspect that the PNP prefers Mike be gone forever and that Skippings would have just kept his mouth shut so that the rocks will cry out? So many questions, revelations, eye openers, epiphanies and evidence are coming out about the real spirit and agenda of those concerned.

Again, I think the Hon. Skippings deserves kudos for taking this brave, non-partisan and nationalistic stand. We have so much to think about until Mike Misick comes home.

Patti Forbes
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I applaud the Hon O.O Skippings for taking the stand that he did. No matter what past history exist between Mike and Hon. Skippings, politicians exchange words all the time, same as lawyers during an argument. In times like these, we must put all pettiness aside and be the real men and women we claimed to be.

Hon. Skippings may not be a part of the P.D.M Party as a member, thanks to those who claim to be honest with him, but he knows the truth, and he will always be the Leader who has stood up for his people despite any allegations they may throw at him. Real men do not run from a fight, they face their enemies and rise to the challenge. The PDM party will not be the same without his presence and I hope he is able to share sum political insight from the outside because he still has a large number of supporters out there who will never forget him. It would grave my heart deeply if anything should happen to Mike BEFORE HE COMES HOME AND ANYONE WITH A heart or conscience would feel the same way. All of us are guilty of one sin or the other and Mike is no different from any of us. Today is the day that he really knows whose there for him during his 'down' time and Lord help those who Mike helped yet they turned their backs on him.


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