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Letter: Operation Leadership
Published on November 8, 2012 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Rufus always wanted to lead a political party but felt that he should automatically be asked to be leader because of his profession and his perceived standing in society. He sent mixed signals to both the PDM party and the PNP party over the years to keep his options open.

After the PNP party started to fall apart due to corruption, Rufus decided that it was easier for him to obtain leadership of the PNP because the party was fractured. Rufus spoke with a select group of PNP supporters that were selected by Althea, Gilley , and Michael Misick, to determine the best way forward to ensure Rufus obtained leadership of the PNP; this was prior to Clayton Green obtaining leadership.

It was decided at that time that outside of his profession, Rufus had not made a name for himself that would automatically have PNP supporters look to him as leader. The group decided that (1) Rufus should quickly boost his public profile; (2) become seen as someone who fights for others rights; ( 3) announce his intention to go after leadership of the PNP.

To boost his public profile, the committee decided that the TCI Post, which is written by a number of ghost writers for the PNP using the fictitious name of John Glasgow, would name Rufus man of the Year. In order to be named Man of the Year, Rufus had to make a splash. The initial writers for the Post were Don Hue Gardiner, Justin Missick, Mark Fulford, Llewellyn Basden, and Devon Williams. I am not sure if the makeup of the writers is still the same.

At the inception of the idea to form the TCI Post, it was determined that the blog would appear to be unbiased to increase the number of followers. Operation Leadership decided the best way forward was for Rufus to re-establish the Civil Servants Association that was made inactive under the PNP. To make sure the Civil Servant Association’s reorganization served its purpose , it was determined that both known PDMs and PNPs would serve to show that it was bipartisan, the only stipulation was that Rufus had to be president and therefore people were advised not to challenge him to become president and he was unopposed.

Operation Leadership was quite happy after step one of their plans was accomplished; the next step was to make a visible splash with the civil servants that would make the country notice that Rufus was a leader. Rufus planned a one man demonstration against the interim administration because he and his advisors from Operation Leadership realized that there was growing discontent with residents with the British government.

After he quietly handed in his letter of resignation, Rufus went ahead with the one man demonstration. The media was called, he did his interview, and as luck would have it, the governor stopped and spoke with him all in front of the cameras. Clayton Greene, who was still fighting at that time to maintain his leadership in the party amidst calls from Carlos Simons asking he step down, joined Rufus’s one man demonstration. Operation Leadership was furious and told Rufus that he must turn up the heat with the Civil Servants Association.

Rufus’s intention was never to negotiate in good faith because his desired outcome was for the public to view him as fighter for the people. He organized several protests even though he had already handed in his resignation from government to be effective March 2012 from seven months before. The reason it was decided that the airport would be shut down was ensure the private sector would notice and not only civil servants would view him as a leader.

Operation Leadership was thrilled with the results, although residents had mixed feelings on the shutting down of the airport, they all agreed that the civil servants were not being treated fairly. No one knew accept for Operation Leadership that the protest was part of the plans from day one. The TCI Post could now go ahead and name Rufus Man of the Year and the local papers followed suit by taking their news story from a fictitious group. Operation Leadership phase one was deemed a success

After successfully pulling off several civil servant protests, and collecting many civil servants’ BBM pins, telephone numbers, and email addresses, Rufus was almost ready for the next step to go after leadership. However there was one issue, Clayton Greene was still leader and Carlos Simons was still calling for Clayton to step down. Rufus was nervous that Jay Saunders, and Carlos Simons would challenge him for leadership and he did not want to be challenged.

At a heated PNP NGC meeting, Royal Robinson and Gilly verbally attacked Carlos Simons for his public calls for convention to name a new leader. There would not be any convention until Rufus was ready to announce his intentions to the country. Carlos was urged to not enter the leadership race against Rufus but he did not listen and chose to go full speed ahead in challenging Rufus for leadership. Rufus again turned to his ghost writers at the TCI Post to write negative articles about Carlos and have comments by alias names accusing Carlos of domestic abuse.

Rufus was furious that persons such as Robert Hall and Dameko Dean would support Carlos over him. Not only was he the former head of medical services and had been critical in negotiating the hospital and NHIP contracts but with one email, BBM, text message or phone call he controlled the entire Civil Servants Association, whose members he called his soldiers.

What had Carlos done but secure his land in the National Park and did not assist others who also were also losing their parcels. Rufus felt his leadership of the PNP should have been unopposed just like his presidency of the Civil Servant Association. As a result of Carlos not backing down, Rufus had to expose his hand by asking Michael Misick to call PNP delegates and ask them to vote for him and not Carlos, especially the Grand Turk delegates.

Some persons confirmed to Mike that they will vote for Rufus, others were noncommittal as the iron fist of Iron Mike had already deteriorated from rust. In the end some followed Mike’s orders; others were paid for their votes.

After a nasty campaign in which the QC was depicted as a wife abusing drunk, Rufus was victorious and the operatives behind Operation Leadership were ecstatic for several reasons: (1) Rufus managed to make the civil servants believed that he really cared about their issues when he didn’t; (2) he propelled himself in the public eye; (3) he is now PNP leader.

Rufus never wanted Carlos as his deputy leader and the only reason he appointed Carlos was to satisfy the Grand Turk/Salt Cay faction of voters that were upset of the end result. Although Rufus was bullied into appointing Carlos as his deputy leader, he made sure that Dameko Dean, Robert Hall , and Karen Delancy would not be a part of his candidates . I knew Rufus was our Manchurian Candidate, because Mike, Althea, and Gilley pulled the strings. The only time Rufus voiced his opinion was to vent about George Lightbourne, Devon Williams, Robert Hall, and Dameko Dean not being team players who will be dealt with at a later date and time.

Rufus, using the civil servants and his ghost writers at the TCI Post, never bothered me. He was someone with no political experience so I felt politics is ruthless and Rufus is determined to win at all cost. What really made me write this letter is that I am so disgusted over the level of influence that not only Mike, Althea, Gilley have but also Piper, Lillian, and Floyd.

The candidates have strategy meetings where Gilly and Piper are laying out the strategy and stating how Mike wants it to go and Rufus just goes along. There were meetings in which Hayden Boyce is asked to be the attack dog to go after Oswald Skippings so that Rufus can have clean hands.

My fear stems that if Rufus is successful and manages to win with virtually half of Mike’s teammates and the close relatives of Lillian, and Floyd, the British will step in once again and we will once again lose our democracy. I was nervous when Mike informed Rufus that Washington Misick, Donhue Gardiner, and Akierra Missick would be candidates in the next election before any selection process had taken place. I was further disturbed when Rufus brought Porsha on stage in the Bight to announce that she was the candidate for the Bight prior to the Bight’s candidate selection process had taken place after one phone call from Mike.

Over the last few weeks, I have been attending the PNP rallyies and watching indicted minister after indicted minister take the stage. I also saw the donations report and saw where Piper donated money stolen from the taxpayers to the campaign. I sat in on strategy meetings and heard property tax and legalizing the selling of Belongerships by calling it economic citizenship. I heard members of Operation Leadership discuss getting Russian investors to pay off the $260 million loan so that we can get rid of the CFO and seek independence from Britain. I know SIPT and the British are watching.

Rufus is not listening to us who love our party and truly want the corrupt practices to end. I now see that Rufus’s ascent to leadership was a selfish one. I see that Mike, Gilly and Althea selected Rufus as leader because they can control him. I now see that my children’s future is not safe in the hands of Rufus and our country will not be safe in the hands of this current PNP leadership.

No one could have told me at the beginning of this process my eyes would open and see the duplicity and deviousness of Rufus. I love our country too much to be silent any more. Everything I have written can be verified; Rufus Ewing is a dangerous, unstable man who cannot handle power and the persons pulling his strings are worse than him. I fear for these islands should my party be victorious on November 9, 2012. God help us all!

Gregg Pratt
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