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Commentary: Too much evidence?
Published on February 1, 2016 Email To Friend    Print Version

By David Tapfer

Every day since the corruption trial began the statements of the prosecutor are published to the media by the SIPT team. Anyone in the courtroom taking shorthand could also publish the remarks of Mitchell, who has the unfortunate job of revealing to the judge, defendants and onlookers the evidence SIPT has collected.

David Tapfer is a retired, US-born engineer and management executive. He is the former chairman of the Middle Caicos Branch of the Peoples Democratic Movement
The details, which have yet to be proven by witnesses and exhibits, describe a conspiracy to throw the people of the TCI, including supporters of the Progressive National Party under the bus. What is suggested is, unless you were part of the PNP executive, the best you could hope for was a ghost job or a few dollars pressed into your hands.

When the Salt Cay scam was revealed, the entire TCI home and away were stunned. Then the prosecutor turned to Middle Caicos. We learned a few things but missing were some huge items.

What we learned was that two serious developers, one from New York and the other from Connecticut, were ready to build huge resorts on the western end of Middle Caicos. They were ready to pay the people $70 million for 800-plus acres.

The paperwork, which I looked at years ago, said it was over a thousand acres. Since even in court it is revealed the whole blocks of land were being sold, I reflect back to what the survey maps prove.... 2,500 acres. Not 800 or 1,000 acres… 2,500. The 2,500 includes two miles of the road on Middle Caicos, one half of the causeway, a marina site and some marshy land requiring fill. Maybe the 800 acres would be cut out but nothing to date indicates this. PNP had cut out small parcels shown on the maps.

For reasons yet to be explained, the two developers were also thrown under the bus; one at the last minute due to a phone call to Jeffrey Hall, yet to be explained. A developer in Miami, Charles Seiger, was given the nod but not for $70 million but for $24 million, which for some very confusing reasons was allowed to buy the land for only $7.5 million… little more than ten percent of the original price.

Was Seiger well financed? He was not and in fact was on the eve of a bankruptcy wherein he lost his tall Miami office building. Certain Middle and North Caicos PNP belongers were brought into the offices of a brother Misick, where some trusted the PNP and blindly signed papers to join them and other PNP supporters into the deal, but not really.

Later, at least two received notices that someone had made them responsible for a loan for $12.5 million. An unhappy surprise. Seiger owned the land but not the bank loan? I saw the land title, which had liens on it for the loan of $12.5 million and $7.5 million, which at this juncture is unexplained.

With $7.5 million of the $12.5 million loan paid to the people’s government, where is the other $5 million? Mitchell has explained only ten percent of the $5 million.

In the middle of all of this is speaker of the house Clayton Greene representing Seiger, the buyer. How can an attorney representing the people, who are selling the land, also represent the buyer? This is called a conflict of interest.

I also have been in contact with a Georgia developer who was ready to buy one half of the 800 acres for tens of millions from Seiger. When TC Invest and other ministers wanted up front millions he backed off. I have the emails.

Attorney Thorne who represents Mike Misick is complaining about the daily media releases. He does not at this point dispute the prosecutor’s accuracy or the media, only the daily statements of Mitchell being made public. However, it would seem that would happen anyway.
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