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Commentary: The sounds of silence
Published on November 29, 2012 Email To Friend    Print Version

By David Tapfer

Recently Ewonka Selver posted a letter in the Weekly News commenting on the silence we have experienced since the election. She was right on! Why was there so little celebration? The answer lies in many places.

Directly after he won his seat in North Caicos, Don-Hue Gardiner lowered his head, spoke not a word and departed. He has yet to be seen again, but he did show up for the first house session. Otherwise, look at the photos of the winners.... he is missing. Is he ill? Perhaps he knows how he won?

David Tapfer is a retired, US-born engineer and management executive. He is the former chairman of the Middle Caicos Branch of the Peoples Democratic Movement
Then we have the Doc Smith issue. According to law, when nominated you must have singular loyalty to the TCI or you are automatically disqualified. Since Hayden the Bajan thinks Smith is clear, this is a clear indication he most likely is not. Fact is the laugh of the week was when Conrad used the Sun headline as evidence there was no issue. That group is so desperate they have their former deputy premier as a “talking head” on their video clips but only before she goes to court. What a comedown.

Then there is the third rail, with the winning candidate from Long Bay, she voted in the 2008 US election and was ready with her US passport to do so again yet the PDM says leave her alone. Why the silence there.

Now the man who always lost playing monopoly, broke the bank and just about everything else studied for three days to realize we are broke. Where was he in 2005 and beyond? This is first we have heard from him since he turned over the government in less than four years to Mr Derek Taylor in 1995.

The country’s biggest singular problem is the health scheme, which promised to cover everyone but as it turns out it only covers foreign workers, government employees and the few working in the private sector. Even primary care has been compromised. Does Doctor Premier want to talk about this mess, his mess? Silence it seems is golden. We heard that last week the doc took a trip on the resort’s private jet but who knew it? That could be good or bad. Again, silence gives us the answer

The only thing wrong with the election was the second handling of the ballots after they were marked. This is the word from the British election surveillance team. They have the insight of Governors Posten and Tauwhare. Where were they when the district voting lists were being made out?

Then the silence from the prosecution team, while expected, has been with us way too long. Good old April. It seems everything will come to a conclusion next April. The budget results, the VAT and now the first court cases. We can't wait for April Fool’s Day.

The country’s most basic problem is a lack of honest development. Governor Ric says he has 30-plus lined up but he can't tell us who, what or where except for 28 storeys, captured dolphins and the reef killing dredge.

First it was June, then it was November, when or when will we ever see work on the causeway begin? Dead silence from the government and the contractor. One wonders what the tourists who hump over two miles of pot holes and dodge the ocean crossing this mud mess think. I suspect they will not be silent.
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Sherline Handfied:

David Tapfer,

It would be nice reading an article from you that do not show bias against the PNP Administration or those that you PERSONALLY have something against. I feel that if Don-Hue Gardiner had reacted otherwise, you will still be here finding fault with him for something else. You are one of those persons that once you have a personal dislike towards them, no matter what they do there will always be a problem.

I think it is very hypocritical of you to recognize that Hayden is a Bajan and not realize that you yourself are not an indigenous Turks and Caicos Islander. Correct me if I am wrong but seems as if both of you became Turks Islanders by the same means which means that your right to Belongership is no more recognizable than his. I find it rather comical that you think only people that are desperate use the Sun newspaper an avenue to voice their concerns or express their views. Would it made much of a difference if Dr. Smith or Mr. Howell had gone to TCI news or this forum to address the issues at hand? This in my opinion only shows your level of thinking and makes one wonder what your real issues are because it seems far beyond being dissatisfied with Government on a whole. It seems more to me that the right persons are not in place/power that would allow you to be successful at your bids, hence the reason for your attacks.

In reference to Akiera’s (candidate from Long Bay), whether she was geared up and ready to vote in this year’s US election or not the bottom line IS that she renounced her citizenship to show where her true allegiance lie. Question is, where does your allegiance lie as I am sure you are still the holder of two passports. If you profess to care so much about this country and its people why have you not given up your citizenship from your country of birth?

I have heard Dr. Ewing explain the hospital deal over and under during the course of his campaign. Obviously, you were not being a good student and did not take good notes because if you did you would not be here lying that he has been silent about it. You see Mr. Tapfer, you are not the smartest man in this country as you would love for the world to think, your level of competence speaks volumes for the lack there of. However, you were able to take note of him leaving the country on a private jet, which clearly shows what concerns you more.

My advice to you Mr. Tapfer is if you take the time to listen and understand the issues of this country without being contrary you would realize that our indigenous people can run a Government without you being a part of it. Your bitterness for what you deemed unfit that was done to you by the former PNP administration will not help you in any way but more or less keep you trapped in 2003 disallowing you from making any meaningful contributions to this country. Your hatred towards the PNP Administration before, now and the years to come will never cease if you continue to focus on all the negative and show no interest in trying to bring about betterment. Until you are able to do that my friend, for the next 4 years or maybe even 8 years, you will be an unhappy miserable old soul.

Frank Morgan:

Realizing that Ric Todd, the current Governor of the Turks & Caicos Islands is promoting skyscrapers on the beach, a captive dolphin circus and reef killing dredging projects is like hearing that your favorite French or Italian restaurant will now be serving SPAM in a can and potato chips. Why would you ever go back?


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