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Commentary: Picking a fight
Published on December 26, 2012 Email To Friend    Print Version

By David Tapfer

New and possibly temporary Premier Rufus Ewing has said, “I will not back down from a fight.” The question is what fight? Britain’s man, Mark Simmonds has said: “I look forward to working with Premier Ewing,” Leader of the opposition Sharlene Cartwright Robinson held out an olive branch.

David Tapfer is a retired, US-born engineer and management executive. He is the former chairman of the Middle Caicos Branch of the Peoples Democratic Movement
Where then is the fight? I thought physicians were men or woman of peace.

The British government has saved the TCI from abject bankruptcy with the $260 million loan.

This and other grants paid off the debts run up during the administration in which you, Doctor, played an important role. The creation of the health plan and your management of the primary care facilities. I still wonder why you left this most important role. Do you view it as a failure? One that has us cash strapped. I can tell you the 40 % of the population not covered or struggling to pay for prescriptions previously covered are not impressed.

The promoters of things called progressive have time and again called for unity and for the people of both political persuasions to join together. Yet, Doctor Ewing, you are the one who abandoned the Peoples Democratic Movement. The party of your father and brother. It was the PNP media chiefs who attacked every PDM leader with deceit.

The door was always open at PDM but you and Royal and others who seem to want to lord it above the general population are welcome to come over. I am sorry we cannot promise to fill your pockets with honorariums or huge pieces of desirable Crown land. This is a democracy and everyone must have equal opportunities.

Pause for a moment and look at the results of the election. The Peoples Democratic Movement received more votes. Sharlene received more votes than you did. The PDM won three-fifths of the “at large” seats.

Three of the seats you won by as few as 11 votes and those district wins are being challenged, as your former leader did in 2003.

Last week, you and Don-Hue were in a hurry to condemn the Haitians trying for a life here in the TCI. “The British must guard our borders,” was the call. It was the Haitian immigrants that supported your party. It is the Haitians that work hard and adapt themselves to our language and our customs.

It was you and your party who were preaching independence at the worst time in the history of the TCI for this call. Why risk the use of the American dollar and the ten-year visa? It was your deputy who was born in the USA and claimed otherwise. She now says three strikes and you’re out of Clement Howell, a school long overcrowded. Your party failed to use those millions to build new schools and train TCI teachers.

We could have built a proper causeway. Derek and Sam obtained $10.8 million in May 2003 but did not brag about it. The causeway was built of curry by the PNP four years later for less than half that amount.

There is no fight! There is only the clawing need to rise above the mess that brought us yet another Inquiry, another constitution revision and more prosecutions, but not of the people of the PDM.

It is not time to pick a fight.
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Most interesting piece I have read in awhile. The country spend a considerably amount of monies to provide this gent with an education. He has abandoned it. Now that is what I call a waste of the country's monies. We needed a lead local physician. I remain disappointed.


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