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Commentary: Close knit party corruption alleged
Published on February 8, 2016 Email To Friend    Print Version

By David Tapfer

Everyday more information is brought out in the trial of five former ministers.

The evidence presented is so detailed it is hard to imagine the defence. Therefore I now look forward to hearing something, anything other than what has come from Attorney Thorne QC. Thorne charged that the daily opening statement note revealed in a public courtroom ought not to be made public in the media. How does that make sense?

David Tapfer is a retired, US-born engineer and management executive. He is the former chairman of the Middle Caicos Branch of the Peoples Democratic Movement
Is Attorney Thorne QC being overwhelmed by the amount and detail laid out by the SIPT team? I cannot help but wonder how much of this purported evidence was uncovered while Michael Misick was fighting extradition.

The unfortunate truth already obvious is that, in one case, well financed, seemingly honest developers were ignored while the government group seems to have sought under financed poorly postured developers who had one attraction… they were willing to come up with under the table millions. This was the case in Middle Caicos where the monies were borrowed from an unwitting banker.

By now there could have been, would have been, two or three large hotels and possible condos and a marina on the west end of Middle Caicos. The new government building standing still in Conch Bar without a roof could be a trade school. Not mentioned is the Half a Creek development, which refused to pay bribes and therefore was stalled into oblivion, while the road they built with their private funds was scheduled to provide access to East Caicos and Joe Grant Cay whose developers were allegedly filling ministers’ pockets.

Apparently existing developers, who were already satisfied with paying duties on goods and supplying huge scholarship funds, were allegedly approached with tax free status for 10 and 20 years if they sent funds under the table to lawyers and a party treasury turned money launderers for the party bosses.

When one considers the charges that ministers relatives, PNPs all, Hollywood temporary wife, mistresses, girlfriends and some close cousin supporters benefited from the intimidation and diversion of funds. Allegedly creating cover-ups designed to launder monies and create false trails

If proven true by the soon to be presented hard evidence, this was a massive conspiracy. A conspiracy right under the nose of Governor Posten, suffering with a terminal disease, and the early months of Governor Tauwhare.

Why did Tauwhare move from his Grand Turk residence to Provo and hang out with the folks under the tree? His wife entering into every possible social organization. It appears the Tauwhares soon got wise and became moles. He reported to the ears of the British minister, Meg Munn. Munn ignored what was coming from her governor and Turks and Caicos Islanders. This year Tauwhare will take the stand and he will tell his tale!

The PNP group included three law firms. Two headed by declared party leaders and another brother of the “Godfather style” leader. Yet another brother and one term chief minster, kept out of the alleged direct manipulation. Possibly because he did not have the capabilities of the others. He was assigned the role as official banker who was capitalized by the party’s executive put in charge of the peoples’ pension funds. Now he is our minister of taxation and he has restored this party man back to the pension board against all previous precedents. Is the plan for self and party enrichment still intact waiting for the SIPT to leave at some future point?

With international borders coming down, the US bank accounts of PNP operatives who are charged with laundering money on a huge scale may give rise to new and numerous extraditions. Were they so naive they did not know that every movement of $10,000 in a US bank rang a bell in the US government offices?

Will SIPT not leave until every cousin's affairs are explored? While the evidence presented is massive, is there much more at lower levels to be brought to light?

Did the wider public and long term supporters benefit? They thought they did or would. Now, when the public are facing years of continued obligations laid on them by a flawed health system and party approved monopolistic utility, they wonder what to do. Their children and grandchildren now have no future.
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