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An open letter to Michael Misick
Published on January 11, 2013 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Mike,

By now you must have realized what the rest of the TCI has realized; despite the fact that the British FCO is totally and hopelessly insensitive and incompetent and that British investigations and prosecutions move slower than maple syrup in the dead of a Canadian winter, the British investigators now have you exactly where they want you. Is it not obvious that certain influential British developers and politicians don’t want you returned to the TCI to testify?

There can be no doubt that many of the “little people” who benefitted by receiving some “crumbs” of your alleged larcenist activities have already sung like canaries when the British and American investigators began applying psychological pressure. The authorities have the goods on you already.

There is a group of ravenously devouring lawyer sharks from the civil recovery team who are being paid on a time & material basis to pursue and recover “ill-gotten gains” and they are in no hurry to conclude their work. They are going to find your cash stash and assets no matter where they are (even if it’s in Dubai) or whose name they are in because they are being paid well to do so.

The British and American investigators are motivated. The little people around you are motivated (and looking to protect their butts). The civil recovery team is motivated. Much of the public dislikes you and what they believe you have done. Your indictment and conviction in America and the TCI is most assured and the way this dog is headed, after you serve your prison time in America and the TCI, you’ll have few places to go and even fewer friends.

But, there may be a way to turn these lemons into lemonade. Why take the rap alone?

Foreign bankers, foreign contractors , foreign developers, investors and miscellaneous lords who are being investigated for possible bribery or corruption with you and your previous administration, of which there is ample evidence, have probably rolled-over already and quickly claimed that it was you who “extracted bribes” from them or otherwise “forced” them to comply with certain financial demands made by you. They probably claimed threats, intimidation and duress as their defense and agreed to cooperate with the authorities and in return received only a slap on the hands.

You, on the other hand, have been made to look like a common and illiterate thief.

There might be another option; you could possibly become a hero by saying you made mistakes and now you want to do the right thing.

You could turn in the crooked foreign bankers, the crooked foreign resort operators, the crooked foreign contractors, the crooked lords and the crooked foreign developers. Your evidence could permit your country to recover the losses induced by these invaders and marauders who will otherwise return to their home countries with the booty they have plundered from the TCI while you take the rap alone and your country financially withers away.

Your giving the authorities the information and evidence they need to recover the ill-gotten gains that have been looted by these corruptors would provide the foundation for the financial recovery of the TCI and possibly restore a part of your reputation which will otherwise be soiled for the remainder of time.

The belligerent path you are on will eventually fail to British and American investigations and prosecutions and without a prompt change in your course and heading you are likely to end up with a long prison sentence in a cell with a bunk-mate named Big Bubba.

On the other hand, if you were to cooperate with the investigation into how the TCI’s assets were stolen and carted away by fat-cat foreigners, your cooperation would likely provide the type of legal evidence to permit the pursuit and recovery of TCI assets that are now in the hands of people who are content to continue drinking fine wine, eating rich food, motoring on their yachts and flying in their private jets while you and Big Bubba try to work out cell-mate rules.

You can continue to act out your role as a pawn, a flunky and a lackey for the fat-cats or you can be part of the recovery solution.

The choice is yours, Mike.

Frank Morgan
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