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News from the Turks and Caicos Islands:

Former premier claims innocence, blames Britain

Former premier claims innocence, blames Britain

In a one-hour interview with Angie Toussaint of PTV 8 that aired on Friday, former premier Michael Misick blamed the British government at length, while at the same time proclaiming his innocence of the various corruption-related charges that have been brought against him.

British government refutes TCI economic citizenship claim

Britain’s Home Office has refuted a claim by promoters of a resort in the TCI that investors are eligible to apply for a British Overseas Territory Citizen passport, thereby enabling the holder to reside in the UK. In a press release last Monday entitled “Eligibility for British Overseas...

Premier wants to deport poverty

Premier wants to deport poverty Premier Rufus Ewing said in a recent interview with the TCI Weekly News that the rise in the poverty level is related to illegal immigrants. He suggested therefore that a study of the problem could result in the return of undocumented workers to their country of origin. If such a program is implemented it would...

Business Calendars

Chamber of Commerce talks crime

The Providenciales Chamber of Commerce recently hosted Police Commissioner Colin Farquhar, Governor Peter Beckingham and Premier Rufus Ewing in a discussion on the crime situation in the TCI. The police commissioner and the force have been in the spotlight because...

Air fares fall as tourist season softens

While temperatures are still on the chilly side in the Midwest and North East US and Canada, air fares have dropped down to 1990s levels for May travellers. The extreme and prolonged winter sub freezing temperatures were believed to have been a sign that TCI and other sub tropical...

Health care contract

Bahamas at tourism price precipice, says consultant

The Bahamian tourism sector has reached the edge of a price level “precipice”, garnering just 35 percent of its potential market share due to price increases and standing to lose a further 15 percent if the cost of a travel package increases by just $200 more, according to a key consultant.


Commentary: Our Caribbean: Dictatorship in a democracy?

Commentary: Our Caribbean: Dictatorship in a democracy? We in the Caribbean have inherited the Westminster system of government, characterised by the rule of law, competitive party politics, the independence of the judiciary, fundamental rights and freedoms for citizens, and designated periods for elections. These are accepted at face value.


Letter: It's the hospital, stupid

There are some critical points that must be recorded in the deepening tax debate. Many persons, like the Governor’s Office, like the PNP government, Like the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and an emerging sector of the public, are falling for the false premise that...

Power 92.5

Letter: Creating new jobs in the Turks and Caicos Islands

The State of New York recently attained the distinction of being the number two state in America in the creation of new permanent private sector jobs. New York State’s private sector job count grew by 12,800 jobs or 0.2%, in February 2014, according to the New York State Department of Labor.


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